DON GIOVANNI (Ottavio) with Clonter Opera


"Vocal highlights came from Andrew Henley's Ottavio and Alexandra Lowe as Elvira... Ottavio's big Act II aria was the best thing of the evening" - Opera Now


DEAD MAN WALKING (Father Grenville) with Welsh National Opera


"Father Grenville was essayed by the tenor, Andrew Henley, who sang with a relaxed easy demeanor, and a pleasing lilt. His skepticism and lack of sympathy with Sister Helen’s outlook took the form of a casual dismissiveness and was clearly constructed." -  Opera Wire


OWEN WINGRAVE (Lechmere) with British Youth Opera


"Best of the cast was the tenor Andrew Henley who was immediately convincing as Lechmere, leaping atop a table and wielding a sabre with naïve gusto, to the alarm of Coyle and the other trainee recruits. Henley alone sang with consistently good diction, and displayed an appealing tone." - Clare Seymour, Opera


"Andrew Henley, as [Owen's] friend Lechmere and sporting a ringing tenor voice, relished chopping off 'vile foreign heads' -


" eager and personable Lechmere, flirting delightfully with Katie Coventry's Kate Julian and displaying all the proper attributes" - Planet Hugill


FALSTAFF (Fenton) with RWCMD Opera


"...Andrew Henley's lyrical Fenton" - Rian Evans, Opera


"Andrew Henley as a loveable skaterboy gardener Fenton" - Arts Scene In Wales


ALBERT HERRING (title role) with RWCMD Opera


"Henley sang well, and was a convincing shy introvert who was ready to break out of his mummy-shaped mould" - Seenandheard International


"Andrew Henley makes a convincing job as the lead, with more than a hint of Benny Hill in his delivery" - South Wales Argus